LCM Expeditie

LCM Expeditie takes care of all of your shipments to and from Denmark. Our professional team will handle everything from start to finish.

LCM Expeditie

Welcome to our website. LCM Expeditie is specialized in shipments to and from Denmark.

Specialized in transports to and from Denmark

LCM Expeditie is specialized in shipping to and from Denmark. We are located in De Wijk (The Netherlands). Due to this ideal location, we are able to use an efficient driver changeover system for our transports to Denmark and within The Netherlands and Belgium.

This allows us to make optimal use of our fleet, so that your shipments can be delivered as soon as possible.

Onboard computers equipped with GPS System

Thanks to our highly experienced staff, we are able to carry out all shipments to and from Denmark to the needs of our customers – whether they are large or small.

We ship every transport ourselves, so that we can track it very closely and are able to make adjustments at any time. Our full fleet is equipped with an onboard GPS system, enabling us to see at a glance where each item is located.

Maintenance of our equipment

Frequent replacement and proper maintenance of our equipment ensures that delays are reduced to a minimum.

Our fleet is also equipped with techniques that enhance safety and minimize environmental impact.

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LCM Expeditie is specialized in shipping to and from Denmark. If you have any questions or if you would like a price quote, please contact us.